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by south korea and the u.s. in the sea of japan and the yellow sea. >>> a strong typhoon is approaching southern china. this follows tropical storm conson that hit just last week. we now go to saki ochi from the weather desk with the latest information. >> we have been keeping an eye on the storm system. it's been gradually strengthening in the past 24 hours. it's now a strong typhoon with wind speeds well over 120 kilometers per hour and gusts much, much stronger. right now hainan island, parts of guangdong province already feeling the effects of those strong winds, and they will likely get stronger as the core of the system approaches in the next couple of hours. after that it is expected to head in toward northern vietnam. so all this area will be looking at those winds to get stronger. and of course there will be the rain. plenty of moisture associated with this system. heavy rains have been starting to fall across hainan island and parts of coastal china. that will then head in toward the hanoi region of northern vietnam. so really, a lot more rains to fall in the next couple of da
entering the country legally or spying. -- illegally or spying. >> north korea has called u.s. plans and south korea's plans a threat to global security. 20 ships and submarines and 100 aircraft are to take part in four days of maneuvers. >> the american secretary of state, hillary clinton, arriving in seoul. her message here on the subjects was vietnam is on the path to becoming a great nation with unlimited potential, but the u.s. would like to see improvements in this human rights record. she is also a here for this regional forum of the association of southeast asian nations. >> if the u.s. is really interested in the denucl earization, it should halt the military exercises and sanctions that destroyed that. hillary clinton came to vietnam from the south korean capital where she and the u.s. defense secretary, robert gates, laid flowers for the sailors who died in march on the sinking warship. north koreans strongly denied being involved. the wreckage it is a backdrop to new tensions on various fronts. new u.s. sanctions targeting north korea's leadership and joined south korean
clinton announces a new u.s. sanctions against north korea. german chancellor angela merkel defends her government pause performance amid slumping approval ratings. and astronomers find a massive star, 10 million times brighter than the sun. >>> the united states says it is imposing new sanctions on north korea to try to discourage it from behaving provocatively. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton announced the talks after talks with south korean leaders in seoul, following p'yongyang's alleged sinking of a naval vessel in march. it targets luxury items, and the sale or purchase of arms. . >> hillary clinton and robert gates in the demilitarized zone. it is a symbolic visit, one of a number of visits to show support for the south following the alleged attack on the south korean warship. gates used the opportunity to point out problems in the north. >> it is stunning how little has changed, and yet how much south korea has continued to grow. the north, by contrast, is in isolation. >> north korea's nuclear program is another stumbling block in its relationship with the outside world
. and president obama signs a national reform since the great depression. david cameron's u.s. visit is overshadowed by acquisitiocusat mixed message. and now word on art. >> welcome to bnd "bbc world news" broadcasting to our viewers in u.k. and around the world. tycoon, conrad black has spent first night of freedom, he was charged in 2007 of taking pounds, and there was concerns by the u.s. supreme court. >> conrad black taking shares more than $6 million, and security cameras showing him taking boxes away. >> the shareholders showed he was stealing from the company. jury was found he was stealing from the company. and the genius like conrad black, they are irrepressible from the climb up the mountain and down from the mountain. >> conrad black started in the building, and out maneuvered the owners and revamped. and it was what was the third largest newspapers. but will telegraph is long gone from fleet street and long gone is conrad black. >> his citizenship was that of the lords, and he renounced it. but while some admired his achievements, many found him arrogant with his homes
, she wanted to talk to the president. today shirley sherrod, fired by the u.s.d.a., got the call and another apology. are illegal immigrants raising the crime rate? some argue yes; others no. we'll give you the facts. and happy thursday-- or is it. tracking the mood of america tweet by tweet. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. a tropical storm has just formed in the caribbean and by saturday it could be churning through the site of the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico, disrupting the cleanup for days, even weeks. some cleanup boats were sent back to port today. the large oil recovery ships may follow. tropical storm bonnie is north of cuba right now, and over the next few days it's projected to pass through the florida keys and then into the gulf. even so, federal officials said today they will keep the cap on that ruptured well. and the white house said the president, who's been urging americans to visit the gulf's still-open beaches, will take the f
case has put a spotlight on the u.s.d.a.'s long history of discrimination against black farmers. more about that now from national correspondent dean reynolds. >> reporter: willie adams '60-acre georgia farm has been in his family since 1938 and he wants to hold on to its red clay and green pastures for generations to come. but the fight to keep it is increasingly stressful. >> high blood pressure, almost a heart attack. (laughs) oh, yeah. a lot of stress. >> reporter: adams is one of a dwindling number of african american farmers, some 33,000 in all. >> we want equal justice! >> reporter: they're hoping congress will at last end decades of discrimination against them and appropriate the $1.25 billion they and their an ancestors won in a settlement with the department of agriculture in february. a court found the farmers had been systematically denied aid solely because they were black. loans, grants, and subsidies that white farmers received. willie adams says u.s.d.a. officials always claimed to him and other blacks that they lacked the funding. but you saw that they did have funds
to seek -- sued the u.s. government over acts of war. >> the bbc has invited the pentagon to comment, we have had no response. no hesitation on the subject of north korea. we are targeting the leadership and their assets. that was the message from hillary clinton today as she announced further sanctions against north korea. tensions in the area have been rising, our correspondent has the report. >> hillary clinton was given her first of close glimpse of north korea. the u.s. secretary of state's visit to the heavily fought -- heavily fortified border was a part of the symbolism of this trip, a show of support for their south korean and allies. at a press conference, mrs. clinton made clear that there was substance. >> today i am announcing a series of measures to increase our ability to prevent north korea's proliferation and halt their illicit activities that funds their weapons programs as the surge brings more provocative action. these are aimed at the procurement of material. >> punishment for no. 3 apostle legend torpedo into the warships in south korea. north korea is already one o
from u.s. district court in alexandria. what is the latest? >> he was casually dressed, and spoke only once. he told and the best that -- investigators that he has this about the group he is accused of supporting, he is still facing serious charges. >> the 20-year old a field -- appeared alone without a beard. the hearing lasted a few minutes. he was informed of this charges. a new hearing date was set for tomorrow. leaving court, a woman dressed in an islamic the tire refused to set peak -- attire, refused to speak >> i have no comment. >> he is a u.s. citizen. he is charged with providing material support to a semi-based terrorist group on two occasions that terrorist group has ties to al qaeda and claims responsibilities for a bombing that killed at least 75. >> i am shocked. i am surprised. >> he was arrested with his infant son tried to board a flight to uganda. according to a federal agent, he said he would be willing to fight on the front lines and is not afraid of death. he is also known for posting propaganda, having ties to a radical cleric, and issuing a warning to the creat
of a stale mated policy and warning u.s. credibility as a mediated. sadly the author's assessment can be applied elsewhere around the world. it seems president obama and the administration as a whole have struggled to find its voice when it comes to the promotion and protection of basic human rights and religious freedom. in these most cherished ideals which are at the heart of the american experiment have been sidelineded by this administration's policy. this is difficult for people who yes or no to freedom and look to america to be their advocates. looking back to sudan in a nation i visited in 1989 and most recently in 2004 when senator brownback and i were the first congressional delegation to go to darfur, i remained concerned that the country is headed to a civil war if the u.s. fails to exert its necessary leadership. while there are certainly times i was critical of the bush administration's policy, it is indisputeable that president bush and former special enjoy danforth were not having the comprehensive c.p.a. brought about the end of a brutal civil war which two million per
a great nation, but the u.s. would like to see improvements in its human rights record. she is also here for this regional forum of the association of south east asian nations, and the discussion for this gathering looks set to be dominated by events and the seas around the caribbean -- korean and celeb. >> at the u.s. is really interested in removing nuclear weapons, it should hold the military exercises and the sanctions that destroyed the mood for dialogue. >> hillary clinton came to vietnam from the south korean capital of seoul where she and robert gates laid flowers for those killed in war, and also in memory of the 46 out three and sailors who died in march and the sinking of zero warships, blamed on north korea in an international -- sinking of a north korean warship, -- sinking of a south korean warship, blamed on north korea an international investigation. joint u.s.-south korea and naval exercises are planned for this weekend, aimed at deterring any attacks from north korea. this was a south korean exercise in may, a response to the sinking of the warsaw -- warship. american s
government debt or trying to spark new lending to business. for a closer look, greg ip, u.s. economics editor of "the economist" magazine. greg, welcome. corporate earnings, they were higher than expected. what happened? why? >> well, the story of the last few months is that corporations have actually been reporting earnings that are better than analysts have expected but often the market has not taken that well. because when you dig down you find that a lot of that improvement is because of cost-cutting. we know that employment has been weak. and one reason why is that companies, when they meet their sales targets are doing it by making their workers more productive rather than hiring more. the other thing especially true today with companies like caterpillar and ups is the strong sales are not in the u.s. you but if places like china and india. the bottom line is the market is doing well but that is not necessarily a great sign for the economy. over the last month, even though we had a good day today t only kind of like takes us back to where we were, you know, a few weeks ago. it's basical
of reverse racism at the u.s. department of agriculture, as with newshour political editor david chalian, the administration apologizes to a fired employee. >> lehrer: plus, a tom bearden oil spill report on the dispute over how to block the flow of oil into threatened tidal estuaries in louisiana. >> woodruff: and, on this 60th anniversary of north korea's attack on the south, jeffrey brown revisits that first hot conflict of the cold war, and explores its continuing legacy with warren wiedhahn, a u.s. marine veteran of the war, plus historians michael beschloss and alex roland. that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> woodruff: the campaign to toughen financi
some portions of a confidential study of conditions before the rig disaster. also, was the u.s. duped by an iranian scientist who may have been working as a double agent? i'll talk about that and a lot more with the former cia insider. the outed operative valerie plame wilson. >>> an openly gay soldier and outspoken critic of the don't ask don't tell policy has revealed today he's been formally discharged from the united states army. lieutenant dan choy, a west point grad, was arrested for handcuffing himself to a gate in protest of banning gays from the military. i'm sure that lieutenant choy knew this was coming. he had been removed for some time. only a matter of time before he was formally discharged, i assume. >> reporter: yeah, wolf. we spoke with lieutenant choy this afternoon, and he knew it was coming, but he told us, quote, you know, you prepare yourself. he said i had built up an armor, but it's still an emotional roller coaster. now, lieutenant choi says he just got a phone call today from his battalion commander letting him know about the discharge, but, you know, when i
spill operations. former u.s. attorney general alberto gonzalez will not be charged in the firings of nine u.s. attorneys under the bush administration. after a 22 month investigation, the justice department ruled there's insufficient evidence to establish that he and his staff made misleading statements. this was not criminal. if they were political, that was not the crime. gonzalez resigned after that controversy. ineptitude and confusion, that's how they are describing officials at massy energy in the months before the explosion at a west virginia mine. that killed 29 men. they are all part of a rebuttal to massy's claim that the government forced them to make changes to reduce the volume of fresh air in the mine before the blast. the company's conduct is under federal investigation. secretary of state hillary clinton is in hanoi, vietnam this morning. she's attending an asian summit meeting where the buzz is the new sanctions she's announced against north korea. the north koreans responded by declaring the u.s. should drop the sanctions and cancel next week's military maneuvers
and universities in the u.s. one of those schools, quinnipiac is the defendant in a lawsuit. you see, in an effort to save money, they dropped several varsity sports including women's volleyball. they require equality between male and female athletes so they replaced it with competitive cheer. the judge wrote competitive cheer may sometime in the future qualify. today, however, the activity is too under developed and disorganized to be treated as offering genuine varsity athletic participation for students. nina is an attorney at the national women's law center. >> schools want to cut costs, that's understandable and unfortunately sports are on the chopping block, they can't cut costs on the backs of women. >> reporter: bond says at maryland, female athletes get respect. >> we are in the weight room, we are tutoring sport services, sports medicine, we have access to beautiful facilities and everything we need to compete and compete strong. >> reporter: now, this judge looked at things like who the cheer squads compete against and how they recruit. at maryland there are competitive cheer scholarshi
stemmed from an investigation by the baltimore county police department and the u.s. secret service, looking into counterfeiting ring that was apparently operating out of the ramada inn hotel here in pikesville. in the early morning hours, detectives moved in to make an arrest. there was a gun battle, and a suspect was dead in the end. baltimore county police and the u.s. secret service get much more than they bargained for after breaking of a major east coast counterfeit currency rink early thursday morning. >> the investigators had a plan where when the suspects came out of their hotel room, that would actually arrest the suspects. >> officers and the secret service were conducting surveillance on three men at the ramada inn, and as planned, they did in fact try to arrest them, but two of the men fled and police say 34-year-old eric stokes pulled out a gun and started firing. the two undercover detectives returned fire, speakilling stokt the scene. >> i heard them cussing, bang, bang, bang. the next thing you know, i heard the cops firing back, and that is when we jumped o the flo
to widespread racial profiling by arizona law enforcement officers. they worry it will lead to harassment of u.s. citizens and of legal residents of the united states because of the way they look or the language they speak. the second lawsuit being heard in the afternoon is by the obama administration the basic premise of that lawsuit is that they say the federal government not states has the exclusive authority to regulate immigration law. they say the state of arizona has no legitimate interest in passing a law regulating immigration. arizona governor jan brewer filed a response to those lawsuits. she says the state will suffer irreparable harm if this law is not allowed to go into effect. because she says the federal government has not done its job in terms of securing the border and controlling rampant smuggling that continues to plague the state of arizona. we spoke to homeland security secretary janet napolitano, the former governor of arizona and the woman responsible for u.s. border security. she says that she understands the frustrations of arizona residents but she says this law is mis
in baltimore since 1987, but the u.s. comfort could be moving. details on how local politicians are trying to keep it at home. the curtain is coming down on one of the most -- baltimore's most historic spots. >> quieter whether tonight. are storms have stayed to the north so far. details about a major warmup. right now, it is still pretty worn out there. 82 downtown >> officials slapped eight $52,000 fine against the ravenwood nursing and rehabilitation center. it forced residents to be relocated. the fine is assiated with four significant deficiencies said officials say it put a resident in harm's way. investigators also discovered mechanical problems with the air-conditioning dating back to june of 2009. presidents can not return. >> they are not bad debts and they will not be permitted to enter back into the office till the into we are assured that they are in full compliance. >> ravenwood has 10 days to submit a plan of correction. >> naval officers want to move the u.s.s. comfort out of baltimore to norfolk, virginia. >> the u.s.s. comfort brings medical care and supplies to people in
and destroy the mood for nuclear talks. the warning comes just hours before u.n. and u.s. officials meet with both north korea and south korea over the sinking of a warship back in march. international investigators now say the north was behind those attacks that killed 46 sailors, pyongyang denies it. just about any criminal can steal a car but a former g.m. employee is accused of stealing something much more valuable. car secrets. the engineer and her husband pleading not guilty today to accusations they tried to steal information about the company's hybrid cars. prosecutors say the couple copied thousands of documents on hybrids so that they could sell the information to g.m.'s competitors in china. that's where the real trouble comes in because in the words of the fbi's boss in detroit. theft of trade secrets is a threat to national security. g.m. reportedly stems the value of the stolen documents at 40 million bucks. the suspect is free on bond, at least for now. well, there are new details tonight about alvin greene. he is the once surprised democratic candidate for south carolina'
, by the way, set to take effect a week from today unless a judge intervenes, u.s. district judge susan bolton on screen will hear argument necessary that matter, the federal government saying that law signed by the governor january brewer -- jan brewer trafrels on federal law for immigration. that's here live. >>> another fox news alert now in the u.s. economy and this is not good, 464,000 americans filing new claims week. that's a jump from the previous week and the latest numbers out just a day after the fed reserve chairman ben bernanki offered a not so positive assessment of happening in our economy and what is expected. good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer, welcome to "america's newsroom". good morning, martha. martha: good to see you as always, i'm martha maccallum. as bill was saying, ben bernanke told congress yesterday the economy is, quote, uncertain and fragile. those are not exactly the words the market wants to hear. is uncertain and frag jill. he didn't really get nailed down on whether or not he believes we will fall back into a recession. a lot of double-dip talk. >> and w
fired by the u.s.d.a. >> without a doubt, ms. sherrod is owed an apology. >> couric: i'm katie couric. also tonight, small towns, huge salaries. outrage in california where the city manager makes nearly twice as much as the president of the united states. it's a reenactment, but investigators say this is what happened when a north korean torpedo struck a south korean warship. and he's no houdini, but he did turn a cell phone into a porsche. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. it was an extraordinary scene on national television today. the president's top spokesman admitting the administration had fired an official of the agriculture department for alleged racism without knowing all the facts, and then he offered her an apology. but it didn't stop there. the man who fired shirley sherrod, agriculture secretary tom vilsack, soon popped up on tv himself and offered her another job. all this while the nation watched her watch them. we begin tonight with jan crawford i
as a formula retail designation as there are no other of these businesses in the u.s.. we learned that they were interested in the junior league store located across the street from our business. as detailed, this set in motion a series of conversations in conjunction with the plan department and the merchants association. in response to our request, mr. abrams has argued that we have not argued of the letter of the termination within the 14 days that were allowed. there was no address the sensitive with the request so we would not have any idea that would be relevant to our neighborhood. in looking at attachment one, all of the letters of the termination submitted in 2001 have letters associated it. there is no way that we would know that the letter of the termination what impact us. this was -- we actually did pursue action after we learned of the letter within 14 days of our knowledge. our hope is that "athleta" would find a different space. we did not know that we could file a jurisdiction request until we were told that we could go to the board of appeals. we did submit to th
the rhetoric. in every large movement, 145 million people in the u.s., there is always a fringe. so, that doesn't represent the movement at large. >> the tea party caucus is non-partisan, but no democrats or independents turned out for the meeting today. most republicans who did show up have been the tea party fans for months. while the new caucus may give the tea party access to lawmakers, the fact is that it was created today. that proves lawmakers were already listening, bret. >> bret: all right, carl. thank you. on day 93 of the gulf oil disaster, there is concern that rainstorms moving toward the area more force a shutdown of efforts to seal the reptured well. engineers say they relief well might be, might reach b.p.'s broken well by the weekend. but an evacuation because of that storm system could delay that by a couple of weeks. also today, the times of london report b.p. ceo tony hayward will step down by early september. the company, though, says hayward still has the support of the board of directors. president obama today signed a sweeping overhaul of financial industry regulations t
was served chairman ben bernanke testifies about the u.s. economy. after that, president obama signs the financial regulations bill. and later, the senate debate on in the unemployment benefits package which passed earlier today. >> this weekend, clark hoyt on the changing newspaper industry. >> i worry about the standards and maintaining journalistic integrity as we move from one media world to another. >> clark hoyt sunday night on "q&a." >> federal reserve chairman ben bernanke told congress that the u.s. economic outlook is "unusually uncertain." chairman burnett was asked -- was before the senate banking committee and deliver his semi- annual report. this is 2.5 hours. guys okay? ready? all right. the committee will come to order. we are here today to hear from the chairman of the federal reserve on the semiannual monetary policy report to the congress. mr. chairman, we welcome to you our committee. once again, we thank you for your service to our country. and at least on my part, thank you and congratulate you for the tremendous work you and staff of the federal reserve have be
documents say he tried to leave the u.s. for somalia twice, and once trying to use his infant son as cover for protection. >> the kid is boas -- boseo. he was way over his head and didn't know what he was getting into. >> reporter: a woman covered in a burqa left the courtroom in tears. according to court documents he married a muslim woman last year. it was his online behavior of videos dedicated to jihad that put him on the fbi radar. he gains notariety after making death threats against the south park creators for mocking the prophet mohammed. >> despite him being the all- american kid and playing sports and so on, there was a whole dark side to his persona that was recognized by his classmates. >> reporter: court documents say he had two e-mail correspondents with al-al locky who has been linked to others. terror experts say authorities had placed a wire tap on chesser for months and once this plays out in court perhaps we'll learn what was said on the wire taps. i'm surae chinn in alexandria, 9 news now. >> thank you, sure a. >>> a fifth death may be linked to the man who is said to b
. intel makes 80% of the c.p. u.s, the brains of the personal computers. >> tom: here is what we're watching for tomorrow: we'll take a look at the june existing home sales. and a busy day, including 3m, at&t, catepillar, microsoft, and u.p.s., to name a few. and will this charging station be a way to fill up in the future? it is one way the government is urging consumers to buy electric cars. we'll explain. >> suzanne: conrad black is now a free man. he walked out of a florida prison, released a day after the judge set bond at $2 million. $are, however, some restrictions: he can't leave the u.s., and must return to chicago for a bail hearing on friday. in 2007, black and three other former executives of hollinger international were convicted of defrauding shareholders of $6 million. he has been behind bars for two years while he appeals that conviction. >> tom: a lawsuit against capitol one is charging forward. a lower court dismissed the case, but today an appeals court reinstated it, saying that capital one could not prove it made the required rate hikes to that consumer. ne
. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is in hanoi this morning celebrating the 15th anniversary of normalized u.s./vietnam relations. clinton arrived today for two days of talks. much of the discussion is expected to center on the threat posed by north korea. clinton came to hanoi from seoul, where she announced new u.s. sanctions against north korea. >>> on the "cbs moneywatch," stocks in asia were mostly mixed this morning. ashley morrison is here in new york with the latest on that. good morning, ashley. >> good morning to you, betty. asian markets had a shaky start following wall street's declines. japan's nikkei lost 0.5% while hong kong agency hang seng was mostly lower. today wall street gets the latest on the housing market and a look at the weekly jobless claim numbers. wednesday stocks sputtered after ben bernanke told congress the economy remains fragile and the outlook uncertain. the dow lost 109 points while the nasdaq gave back 35. >>> government watchdogs say a $50 billion program to help people avoid foreclosure isn't even making a dent. a special inspector general found mortgage
. >>> the house of representatives is considering a measure to keep the u.s. navy ship comfort in baltimore. the want to move the ship to norfolk and build a $10 million berth for it but congressman says the $5 million spent recently to upgrade the baltimore berth should keep the comfort where it is. >> you don't spend $5 million a couple of years ago and then change your mind and say we don't need it anymore and we want 10 million to move the ship. >> reporter: no matter the outcome, nothing would happen until 2013. the congressman points out housing the comfort in baltimore keeps it closer to bethesda naval hospital where most of the crew work. >>> taking a look at the living well headlines, doctors offer new advice for whom want a natural delivery after they have had a c-section. there's more medical evidence to go for it. >> steinway park. >> reporter: when she gave birth to her son 2 1/2 years ago she had an emergency caesarian section. now 40 weeks pregnant with her second child, she envies -- she envisions a much different plan. >> naturally going in to labor and the whole progress t
. i am talking about something different. at the u.s. attorney's office, we had a press office. they were in charge of issuing press releases. those press releases extolled the wonderful work we did as prosecutors and it was always headed by the name of the current u.s. attorney who was looking to become a judge. the public defender's office needs to understand, it seems to me, that they are competing in a more complicated world when it comes to the media that existed 10 years ago. if they were a corporation, public defender's offices would have to except they have an image problem. they have a great product that the public does not understand. it seems to me one question we could ask is how can we help the public defender's office get that message out? and it matters. this is not for ego gratification. it matters because you are publicly funded. when it comes down to your budgets, the public defender's office has got to rely on the same funding sources as the presence, prosecutors offices, the courts. as stakeholders at the public trough, it seems to me, through some sort of m
it a state crime to be in the u.s. illegally. the plaintiffs filed seven lawsuit against arizona. arguments are damage to individuals unfairly detained to the federal government sole right and responsibility to establish and enforce immigration policy. at issue before judge susan bolden is whether to stop the law being enforced until the cases have been decided or dismiss the challenges outright. that's unlikely to happen, but it was difficult to tell from her tough questions of all sides where she is leaning on a temporary injunction. arizona maintains sb-1070 is in line with the immigration laws and trying to respond to calls from the citizens and washington, d.c., to get the border under control. >> arizona rightfully should step up to the plate and say we're ready to take on this partnership at a higher level. when we do, look where we are. the federal court. being sued. >> we'll be true to the constitution. if it says this power is given to the federal government, not the state, then the fact that congress failed doesn't automatically give the state that power. >> the state can assist
's angie with a look at realtime traffic coming up. >>> in the news now at 5:10, u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is in the capital of hanoi for events marking the 15th anniversary of normalized u.s. vietnam relations. she arrived in hanoi for two days of talks today that will include a regional security forum with senior officials around southeast asia. clinton came to hanoi from seoul where she announced new u.s. sanctions against north korea. >>> a 12-year-old girl died after being swept away by floodwaters in flagstaff, arizona. it happened after a heavy thunderstorm hit northern arizona. swift floodwaters and debris knocked down fence and created a muddy mess. several communities were evacuated. the teenager known as the barefoot bandit is back in his old stomping ground. compliments of a ride on a plane controlled by authorities. colton harris moore is accused of a number of crimes ranging from petty burglary to the theft of planes. sometimes he committed them in his bare feet. he was arrested on july 10 knot the bahamas after he was accused of crashing a plane he stole from
and rally in 2008. the northern virginia native, oakton high school graduate and u.s. citizen is charged with providing some. -- providing material support to alcott a group that -- and al qaeda-linked group that is responsible for the world cup bombing that killed 75 people. he was on the way to somalia to join al-shabab. >> this gives you more reason to be aware of who is doing what in your neighborhood. >> the affidavit alleges that the suspect said he would be willing to fight on the frontlines and is not afraid of death. he's also known for posting jihadist propaganda, having ties to radical cleric, and for issuing a warning earlier this year to the creators of a cartoon. we should add, according to the fbi, that after the bombing in uganda, he told the fbi that he was renouncing the groups because of that bombing. nonetheless, he's still facing charges and will make his first court appearance later this morning. abc 7 news reporting. >>> and alaska coupled with ties to our area has pleaded guilty in a domestic terrorism case. the rockwoods lied about the existence of a hit list wi
for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the speaker: on this vote the yeas are 272. the nays are 152. the motion is adopted. without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the house will be in order. pursuant to the chair's announcement of earlier today, the house will now observe a moment of silence in memory of officer jacob j. chestnut and detective john m. gibson. will all present please rise for a moment of silence. without objection the five-minute voting will continue. the unfinished business is the question on suspend the rules and passing h.r. 5341, which the clerk will report by title. the chair: h.r. 5341, a bill to designate the facility of the of postal service locate the at 100 orrindorf drive in michigan as joyce rogers post office building. the speaker pro tempore: the question is, will the house suspend the rules and pass the bill. so many as are in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, the-- >> mr. speaker. the speaker p
begin next week. >>> a big show down over arizona's tough new immigration law. the u.s. justice department is trying to block the new law before it goes into effect next week. today was their first day in court. our own lee cowan is in phoenix covering. lee, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. most people think the federal government does have a pretty good case here. the problem may be the timing. how do you ask a federal judge to quash a state statute even before it goes into effect. arizona was saying at least give us a chance to prove ourselves first. [ chanting ] >> reporter: with just one week to go before arizona's new immigrati immigration law is scheduled to take effect, the protests outside the federal courthouse in phoenix today were louder than ever, on both sides of the debate. >> black and white. you're either breaking the law or not. >> reporter: inside, the federal government was asking a judge to block the law, arguing arizona can't establish its own arizona policy, largely, it says, because it may interfere with federal enforcement of the nation's i
their burden of proof. >> reporter: the defense says the crime spree the u.s. attorney fitzgerald described when blagojevich was arrested was never effectively presented to the jury. neither were many of the witnesses the government promised to call. >> mr. levine, congressman jackson and ame e-- rahm emmanuel. those were the witnesses the press wanted to hear from and we did not hear from. >> reporter: those witnesses could have what the government held in reserve intending to hit the governor hard in rebuttal if he took the stand. no one doubted rob blagojevich though many times he promised he would testify. >> they should have put on their case in chief. this defense really outfoxed them. without putting that evidence on, they've now lost it. >> reporter: now on to closing arguments. it's an easy prediction they'll be dramatic in part because they're not a backbone of the defense. in part because they'll be presented by this big, loud chaotic blagojevich defense team. in chicago, mike tobin, fox news. >>> coming up next, more than 100 jetliners going under the federal microscope. what's
administration, u.s. department of health and human services, rockville, maryland; ron tannenbaum, president and co-founder,, fort lauderdale, florida; dr. w. douglas evans, professor and director, public health communication and marketing program, george washington university, washington, dc; sandra de castro buffington, director, hollywood health & society, usc annenberg norman lear center, beverly hills, california. the media obviously influences how people create their opinions, particularly about addiction and treatment issues in behavior health. and doug, why don't we review what we mean about media today. some time ago, marshall mcluhan said that the medium is the message and that is more true today than ever. media have proliferated and they now permeate our society. we're surrounded by it constantly 24/7 and users increasingly are defining what the media are and what those media mean to the rest of us. and mark, why is it important for the media to really understand addiction, treatment, and behavioral health? i think as doug just said, it's 24/7, people rely on the m
, but for black americans, disproportionately so. >>> next, how the new top u.s. commander in afghanistan is ramping up our strategy and changing the way we're fighting the war. colonel jack jacobs joins us live. plus it's not something that you see on the glacier, bathesunbat. what the heck? the details in our fastest three minutes of news next. launch my watchlist -- a popping stock catches my eye. pull up the price chart. see what the analysts say. as i jump back, cnbc confirms what i thought. pull the trigger -- done. i can even do most of this on my smartphone. really, it's incredible. like nothing i've ever experienced. trade free for 60 days on redesigned power e-trade pro. the best time to crack it... twirl it... dunk it... and discover more new ways than ever to enjoy crab. like our new crab lover's trio with crab-stuffed shrimp, and succulent north pacific king and snow crab legs. or our decadent crab and shrimp pasta. new crab creations for every craving, starting at $14.99, only during crabfest. right now at red lobster. >>> two u.s. service members were killed when a heblt kr
, a young man is being hailed as a hea >>> four u.s. navy women have made history. this year mark the first time all of the sailors of the year are women. the ceremony took place in northwest washington today. each year, every ship stationed and command, all over the world, chooses its sailor of the year. this year's winners are all chief petty officers. the women were rewarded for their leadership, professionalism, dedication and superior performance. >> good for them themselves make us proud. they get a reward for standing out in the heat today, too. >> i was getting ready to say, today was good. we had good weather today compared to what's coming our way. >> okay. >> exactly. we've had such hey humidity. today was relatively low where the heat index was right like the air temperature. you've heard of super soakers. how about super scorchers. these are crepe myrtles swinging in the sunshine and a little bright breeze today. primarily out of the west to northwest. doing a wind shift, that will bring back the hult. 96 degrees, our high temperature today. 79, we started out awfully warm agai
and then create uncertainty in the national markets about the solvency of the u.s. economy, you're going to create the worst conditions for economic growth. i think we have to be smart about this and the reality is i think extending bush tax cuts for those making less than $200,000, smart about tax increases is the way to go there. thank you, chris. >>> meanwhile the president putting dead people on notice, the check is not in the mail. the president is signing something called improper payment elimination act aimed as cracking down on government checks going to dead people and prisoners. all that other kind of government waste. $110 billion of your tax dollars was wasted last year on schemes. so another $60 billion. >> improper payments by $50 billion between now and 2012. >> neil: i jumped the gun. 60 billion bucks in the near term. steve moore on what he makes of this. it's interesting to zero in on the waste and address this on the day democrats are antscy about ending tax cuts. >> great to be with you. i listened to your previous conversation and i have to say for the last two years, the demo
chill like this because it's not quite as intense. >> good stuff. thank you, bill. >>> u.s. taxpayers are helping to foot the will for mexico's war on drugs. how are the millions being spent and who is winning the war? that's coming up next. >>> san francisco is a great place to be a vegetarian. that's the word from peta. they ranked san francisco 11th on the list of vegetarian and vegan-friendly cities. washington, d.c. came on top, followed by port, oregon, albuquerque, atlanta, seattle and vancouver. in april, san francisco passed a resolution for meatless mondays. >>> a new government report is out today and it's raising red flags about the money we're sending to mexico and central america to help fight the war op drugs. the u.s. has promised to send $1.6 billion under something called the mireeta initiative. as carol han explains, lawmakers are worried that money is not being spent wisely. >> reporter: the idea behind this initiative is to help mexico and central america to fight the war, they would send 1.6 billion to the u.s., money to buy heightened equipment, armored cars and
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